Parents Rights at Work

Parents Rights at Work

Maternity Leave

All women have the same rights to maternity leave, irrespective of length of service. There are 3 types of maternity leave
a) Compulsory Maternity Leave of 2 weeks following the birth
b) Ordinary Maternity Leave of 26 weeks (6 months)
c) Additional Maternity Leave of a further 26 weeks

Leave for adopting parents

Adopting Parents now have the equivalent rights to maternity and paternity leave and equivalent statutory pay. Either parent can choose to take either type of leave. There are similar notice requirements regarding giving notice of when they expect the child to be placed for adoption and when they intend to start their leave.

Parental Leave

Both parents have the right to take up to 13 weeks unpaid parental leave before their child is 5 (or 18 for disabled children). Adopting parents can take it within 5 years of the adoption. 13 weeks’ leave is available for each child.

Flexible working

Parents and carers have the right to request flexible working, such as working part time hours, changing the hours they work or working from home.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Your rights not to be discriminated against on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity are protected under the Equality Act 2010.

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